Custom guitars

A few questions and answers.

Can you make a copy of the "X" guitar?

The company can make any instrument regardless of its appearance, however, they are not copies of any guitars. The company makes instruments based on its knowledge and experience, striving to make the instrument in a manner consistent with the rules of violin-making and does not apply solutions used in the mass industry. If the guitar is supposed to look like an "X" guitar, it is only its external appearance and the guitar remains a REK guitar and is not a copy of any guitar, but only a reference to the shape requested by the customer. All neck profiles, contours, bows are the same as used by REK, not the "X" company in the construction of guitars.

How much does a guitar with the appearance of an "X" guitar cost?

The REK company makes guitars using traditional methods and each element of the guitar is made with due care, is subject to thorough quality control, therefore our guitar is unlikely to be cheaper than a mass-produced guitar intended for sale in stores.

Do you import guitar parts?

Yes, but only for our customers who ordered an instrument from us. The company does not charge a margin for bringing parts for the ordered guitar.

Do the Merlin pickups that you recommend on your website match the quality of converters from well-known companies?

Merlin pickups, both those that we recommend on our website and other from the Merlin offer in our opinion, they surpass the quality of drivers from other companies.

Can I order a guitar other than the one shown on your website?

Yes you can, the guitars from the website are just sample guitars.

I called you, I talked about the performance of the guitar / service and you said that you can do it like that and a colleague from the internet forum (often this friend has a friend "guitar specialist") said that it was a bad solution and you should / should do it like that ...

Internet forums are not for us a source of any knowledge about our profession and we do not take opinions presented there under consideration. Opinions on the construction of guitars, wood, accessories expressed on all internet forums are almost exclusively the opinions of people who do not deal with professional violin making and are very often a collection of half-truths and myths, and often complete nonsense having nothing to do with reality.