Custom guitars



Potaśnia 23E
Ostrzeszów, 63-500
woj. wielkopolskie
Poland / EU
mobile phone: (+48) 605 577 406

Before we get started download the Rek custom order form and email it to us for a suggested retail price quote.

How to purchase our guitar?

If you are interested in purchasing one of our guitars e-mail or phone us or our dealer to discuss all the details. Remember all the prices are negotiable.

When ordering your custom instrument, a 40 % price non-returnable deposit is required. You can send the full amount when ordering or send 40 % price down and the balance (rest 60%) before the guitar is shipped to you upon completion. When ordering certain part e.g. neck, body the full amount must be paid in advance. We accept wire transfer to our account only.


Rek guitars and basses are covered by a limited two years warranty to the original purchaser against defective materials or workmanship. Rek acoustic archtop guitars are covered by a limited warranty to the original purchaserfor life against defective materials or workmanship. Rek company, upon notice of any defect, will repair or replace, at its opinion, any defective part or material. Purchaser shall assume and pay the cost of all shipping or postage charges of the repaired guitar. Damage incurred by misuse, accidents, normal wear or natural cracking of wood or finishes due to changes in temperature and humidity is not covered under this warranty. Only the sole warranty of Rek given to the original purchaser is valid. No other written or oral warranty applies.


We use regular freight shipment. Shipment in Europe within 4-6 days. Export and import regulations are the responsibility of the owner similarly complaint procedures with shipping company. REK assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages that may happen during freight. To minimalize damages probability hard flight case is recommended. Countries of EU are duty free.